As I interviewed teenagers about what they know when it comes to sex and safety, I discovered that most young people are under educated and ill-equipped to engage in a sexual relationship. So I wanted to come up with a solution. I wanted to meet them on their phones, where they already are. It is important for teenagers to know what sex really is, how it impacts lives, what the consequences are, what social media laws have developed, where to turn if pregnant and how to protect themselves.

The interactive mobile application covers a variety of themes within sex and safety for young people. The app includes one-on-one interviews with middle schoolers and high schoolers in Los Angeles, expert advice from health professionals and teachers, resources for expectant mothers and data pertaining to sex education requirements and outcomes within the United States.



Timothy Kordic, Los Angeles Unified School District's sex education and curriculum expert, said LAUSD has one of the best sex education programs in the nation. Hover over the images to hear what a few students in LAUSD had to say. Download the app for more!


The interactive mobile app covers the following themes:

What do young people know?

Sarah Fadul was 14 when she first had sex. She said she used to find affirmation and comfort in other people, especially from boys. "It was always exciting for me to get attention from guys," Fadul said. She was having sex throughout high school and college, when she learned she acquired two things that changed the path of her life.

Social Media Laws

Deputy District Attorney Samer Hathout said young people are oblivious when it comes to social media and Internet crimes. Download the app to view an animated video about the laws and consequences on the distribution of child pornography.

Sex Statistics in the United States

For all 50 states, find out the sex education curriculum required, birth rate, pregnancy rate and abortion rate. While playing with this interactive feel free to examine other states and their laws too.

Four Options for Mothers

Katie Monroe works for Nightlight Christian Adoption, but she was once a birth mother. She shares her story and also provides four different options for expectant mothers to evaluate.

Google vs. Doctors

With technological advancements, physicians said most people turn to Google before speaking with a professional. There are dangers with blindly trusting what's online. It's critical to see a practicing professional with questions when it comes to health, sex and safety measures and diagnoses.

LAUSD vs. Sex Education

Listen to various students within L.A.'s district share their sex education experience and what they were taught.